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Traveling in the lap of luxury is often out of reach for many but it doesn’t always have to be. Due to favorable exchange rates, a boom in tourism, and high levels of economic growth and development, it’s easy to travel Vietnam cheaply yet still enjoy the finer things in life. This article will introduce some of the luxury options available in Vietnam and compare prices with other countries to show how affordable luxury travel in Vietnam can be.

 Luxurious Experiences in Vietnam

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 Seaside Resorts and Private Pools in Vietnam

Private pool Vietnam
(Source: Few would deny the exclusivity and luxury of your very own private beachside pool. A view like this is much more affordable in Vietnam than some other parts of the world

There are plenty of all-inclusive resorts in Vietnam and standards are high but a private pool is still very rare to come across this option. Even the very best hotels in Vietnam don’t offer this experience to their guests and when they do, it usually comes at a huge premium. However, it’s cheaper than many other locations in the world…

Beachfront room with private pool – 1 night

Mykonos, Greece

Con Dao, Vietnam




The Mykonos Grand, for example, is an intimate and peaceful resort found on Mykonos, an island in the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey. It provides the “perfect setting for rare moments of romance, luxury, and personalized service.” It’s far from the only luxury resort on the island yet it’s one of the few that offer beachfront rooms with their own pools. However, this opulence comes at a cost – hotel suites with a private pool start from US$1030 a night!

Now, let’s compare that to Vietnam…

Six Senses Con Dao is a luxury beach resort in Vietnam situated in the center of a national and marine park on the idyllic Con Dao Island. The property’s natural settings and private beach ensure it retains a secret retreat atmosphere. Its private beach, contemporary design, and personalized service have made it one of the best resorts in Vietnam. 

Six Senses offer the best luxury beach villas in Vietnam with private infinity pools and direct beach access from just US$580. The price is much more than a regular Vietnam 5-star hotel price but an absolute steal when compared to the Mykonos Grand! If your keen on a luxury Vietnamese beach holiday on a budget then keep this one in mind. 


 Top Tier Food Tours in Vietnam

XO Tours Vietnam
XO Tours take visitors to Vietnam to some of the Ho Chi Minh City’s best unknown street food spots. Tours offer highly personalized experiences and services like few others and remain excellent value for money.

Traveling is already a luxury in itself but adding a bit of education and adventure makes it an extraordinary experience. The best tours introduce and immerse guests in their local environment, culture and hopefully some amazing cuisine too. Anyone designing a Vietnamese travel itinerary should seriously consider booking the amazing “XO Foodie Tour”, the most acclaimed food tour in Vietnam.

Top Tier Food Tour

Napoli, Italy

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




Napolin Vespa Tour is a tour company based in Napoli, Italy, which offers popular Neapolitan Food across the region. Tour guides take guests on the back of vintage Vespas throughout the countryside to some of the best pizza places, confectioneries, and taverns. The sights, smells, and experiences found on this luxury tour begins at US$200 per person. 

XO Tours offer a similar but just as personalized and lavish foodie tour of Ho Chi Minh City. Guests are immersed in the cities vibrant street life and safely taken to some of the best street food stalls across the entire city. While Vietnam street food prices are far from expensive, XO Tours aims to provide their guests a chance to try dishes that even frequent travelers to Vietnam have never tasted and not offered on other Vietnam food tours. Additionally, the high level of service provided by the attentive all-female led tour group is usually reserved for much more expensive tours. XO Tours also has a team of security and support staff following each tour to help direct traffic and to protect guests from bag-snatchers! 

XO’s guides will peel prawns, grill your meat and even open your beer as they sit by your side and discuss the details of Vietnamese food and culture. The tour also encourages guests to eat and drink as much as they please – at no extra cost! 

The nightly XO Foodie Tours cost US$78 per person, which includes unlimited food and drinks + $10,000 USD accident insurance – a fraction of the cost of the Italian tours – yet still maintain a high level of luxurious service. 


 Chauffeurs and Luxury Cars in Vietnam

Mercedes in Ho Chi Minh City
(Source: Being chauffer-driven in a Mercedes limousine is the pinnacle of luxury in most parts of the globe. However, when comparing rental and purchase prices to other cities, the amazing value of this luxurious service in Vietnam is revealed.

When choosing private and luxurious transport options in Vietnam it’s hard to go past a chauffeur-driven Mercedes-Benz S-class. This type of luxury car service in Vietnam is becoming more common and offers high levels of comfort, convenience, and style. There are few classier options for airport or regional transfers to a beach getaway near Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi.

Chauffeur-driven Mercedes Benz S450 for 8hrs/100kms

London, England

Ho Chi Minh City/Hanoi Vietnam




In London, for example, to hire a Mercedes S450 and driver will cost you just over US$550. That’s assuming that you stay under the mileage limits and any stint outside the city will push you above that. In Ho Chi Minh City, for the exact same model car and a similar mileage limit, it’s a comparative steal at US$340! 

This becomes even better value when considering the original prices of the cars…  

In the United Kingdom, the price of a Mercedes Benz S450 starts at about US$100,000. Compared to Vietnam, with the same model starting at US$184, 000, the price to hire a private Mercedes S-class in Vietnam becomes an even greater bargain!


 Personal Fitness Trainers in Vietnam

Personal trainer in Vietnam
(Source: A private trainer can make a huge difference to the outcome of a fitness goal but it can also cost you an arm or a leg too! A cheap personal trainer in Vietnam is easy to find yet shop around at local gyms and be prepared to negotiate for a bargain.

Most of us try to exercise regularly but it can be hard to remain motivated and costs can become a barrier. When this struggle arises, it’s a luxury to be able to afford a personal trainer. Some of the more lively beach resorts in Vietnam have fully-operational gyms with qualified trainers. However, they’re not always cheap and it pays to compare costs. 

10 sessions with a personal trainer


Hanoi, Vietnam




In Singapore, a city known for its high salaries and expensive prices, a personal trainer is far from cheap. The price of the cheapest cost for a package of 10 workout sessions with a trainer runs US$650. This price includes no nutrition planning or any other additional services. It should be noted that the average was much higher. 

“It’s difficult to find an exact price for a personal trainer, it’s pretty negotiable, but it’s easy to find a decent personal trainer for three million Vietnam dong (US$130) for ten sessions.” – Nguyen Van

Vietnam is insanely cheap in comparison to Singapore and finding a trainer is much easier. As incomes have increased so have the waistlines, concerns over health and an unprecedented boom in new gyms and fitness centers. Some gyms and personal trainers are hideously expensive, however, most remain incredible value. In Vietnam, for example, 10 sessions with a personal trainer can be had for less $150 a month. 


 Luxurious Spas and Massage in Vietnam

Massage Hoi An
(Source: Although there is no ‘Vietnamese massage’ as such, Vietnam is becoming well-known for indulging in massage and spa treatments. Compared to some other countries it’s usually great value with sacrificing a high standard of service.

Massage is undeniably a luxurious service in which affordability plays a huge factor in choosing whether to have one. Most people enjoy a long relaxing massage but it’s usually a rare indulgence.    

This massage price comparison will use Swedish massage as it’s one of the most common types around the world. There is no specific ‘Swedish’ massage technique per se and any massage that uses specific techniques to increase oxygen in the blood, improve circulation and ease tension in the muscles is considered to be a ‘Swedish massage’. Deep tissue massage is an evolved version that employs a little more pressure from the forearms and elbows. 

60-minute Swedish massage

Varberg, Sweden

Hoi An, Vietnam



Following the namesake let’s look at the prices of this luxurious massage service in Sweden itself. The Varbergs Kusthotel (Coast Hotel), in Varberg, is located at a popular coastal town and a well-known tourist and spa destination. An hour-long full-body massage at this famed spa will cost you around US$85.

In Vietnam, we will look at Hoi An, another coastal and heavily touristed area which also has a reputation for its excellent massage and spa venues. White Rose Spa is one of only a few who advertise a full deep tissue therapy – similar to ‘Swedish’ massage. A one hour massage in Hoi An will cost a grand total of US$18. You could several massages in Hoi and still have change left over – an absolute bargain!


 High Quality Yet Cheap Alcohol in Vietnam

Glass of whiskey
(Source: Whiskey is a luxurious drink in Vietnam yet it can be found at some of Vietnam’s most luxurious bars at a fraction of the prices at home. Whiskey-lovers may be begging for a larger range but when an excellent drink is such good value, who can complain?

Many people may try to argue the fact, but alcohol isn’t one of life’s necessities and therefore can be considered an indulgence. When we start talking about Vietnamese alcohol prices, particularly of wine and high-quality liquor, then we are definitely in luxurious territory. 

Almost all imported spirits in Vietnam carry higher than expected prices due to import taxes. Bottles in stores usually have similar prices to home (or higher) but drinking in bars can be significantly cheaper.   

A standard measure of Glenmorangie whiskey

New York, USA

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam




Salon De Ning, a high-end rooftop bar at The Peninsula New York, New York City has a wide range of signature cocktails, wine by the glass and high-end single malt scotch whiskey. A single measure of Glenmorangie Original will set you back a cool US$21. 

In Ho Chi Minh City let’s compare that to what is probably the most similar rooftop bar – the Social club Rooftop Bar above the Hotel Des Arts Saigon. It has the atmosphere of a classic Vietnamese bar: stylish, distinguished and modern. A single measure of Glenmorangie here will cost just over US$10 a measure – a fraction of New York prices. 

We hope this article has given a little insight into affordable luxury travel in Vietnam compared to other destinations with similar things to offer. If you find yourself overwhelmed by choice or just wish to see the country from a different perspective then consider some of Vietnam’s best tours. These excellent trips all offer amazing experiences and high levels of service while retaining vital authenticity. Enjoy traveling Vietnam on a budget without sacrificing comfort and quality.  

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