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A photo tour of Saigon that explores the city’s hidden gems through the lens of a camera

For those looking to dive deeper into the history, architecture, and culture of Saigon, grab your camera and hop on to our new Saigon photography tour. Most photography tours in Vietnam are walking tours, which only allow you to explore small areas of the city. We created this half-day Vietnam photography tour to provide our guests the opportunity to see large swaths of Saigon, in addition, you’ll learn how to improve your photography skills while immersing in the unique history and culture of the places we visit—there is something here for everyone!

When does this photo tour start?

Photo tours must begin with an early start to catch the best morning light, and beat the heat! The default start time of this Saigon photo tour is 6am however, we can start as early as 5am for guests that book a private tour and wish to catch the sunrise.

What type of Saigon photo opportunities does the tour offer?

You’ll travel from Saigon’s District 1 to areas in Districts 4, 5, 10, and 3. Explore a high-rise temple tucked into the bustling core of Chinatown. Stroll through a bustling wet market on the ground, then come upstairs to see things from a different vantage point. Halfway through, we stop amidst a bustling residential complex for a popular Vietnamese breakfast called Banh Mi Chao (panned baguette).

This Saigon photography tour features other stops such as the Gustave Eiffel-designed Rainbow Bridge, and a 100 year old alleyway occupied by the ancestors of Cantonese settlers who arrived in the city 300 years ago. This is an Asia photo tour unlike any other with many unique Vietnam photography opportunities!

looking at a camera on Saigon Photography Tour

You’ll learn how to improve your photography skills while immersing in the
unique history and culture of the places we visit

Umbrellas at old apartments in Saigon

No time for a Saigon photography class?

If you don’t have time to fit in a Saigon photography class and city tour into your Vietnam trip, this educational tour combines both a half-day photography class with stops at some amazing sights into one fantastic experience! You’ll learn how to change the manual settings on your camera to obtain the best results, receive a lesson on framing and composition, and understand why the exposure triangle of ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed is so important; plus much more!

What are the qualifications of the photography guide?

Unlike most Vietnam photography tours that are led by foreigners and charge an arm and a leg or by Vietnamese tour guides who know nothing about photography but are mostly glorified escorts taking you places to take photos, the photography guides that lead XO Tours’  “Saigon Through The Lens” tour are professional Vietnamese photography instructors who work in the field for a living. You will pickup invaluable photography techniques from a local teacher’s perspective, and learn how to better use the features on your camera or phone. You won’t be able to put a price on the amount of knowledge you will gain while joining this fun and educational tour!

Is this Saigon photography tour suitable for amateur photographers?

Our guides will not only give you insight into the locations you’re visiting—they’ll also assist with camera settings and show you how to best capture each moment in a city that never seem to stand still!

Perfect for both amateurs and professional photographers looking to expand their horizons, Saigon Through the Lens offers a great mix of unique locations and experienced guides to help you find your stride as a street photographer in Saigon—it’s all about perspective!

What is the group size of the Saigon Photography Tour?

Please note that this tour is offered on a join in basis, so there may be other guests joining you on the tour. Our maximum group size is 4 people. For guests that do not want to go in a group, we also offer a private tour option for an extra charge.

Want a cool momento to show off
to your friends and family?

We can film your ride (for an extra 50USD) and create a special video of your Vietnam Adventure! We can also mix in a custom music track in your video upon request.

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Tour Includes
XO Accident Insurance
High quality open-faced helmet
Free hotel pickup and dropoff
(District 1, 3, 4 and 5 – some exclusions apply)
Vietnamese Breakfast
English speaking tour guide, motorbike, fuel
Bottled water
Rain poncho
(if needed)
… and lots of smiles : )
Optional Services
Tour video
Add 50USD or 1,260,000VND
Private tour
Add 30USD/person – Minimum of 2 adults

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