“XO Tours Accident Insurance”
Terms and Conditions

As of May 16th, 2012, XO Tours is proud to announce that we are the only motorbike company in Ho Chi Minh City that includes accident insurance on all our tours. Each of our guests is insured for up to $10,000 OR 227,000,000 Vietnamese Dong, which will cover most major medical procedures in Vietnam.

XO Tours has signed a special/exclusive contract with a top tier insurance company in Ho Chi Minh City in order to provide this unique insurance policy to all our valued guests. Most insurance policies in Vietnam are not worth the paper they are printed on as they always have a “proof of fault” clause in their policies. This means that you have to prove that an accident is not your fault in order to received coverage. In Vietnam, this almost impossible to do, especially for foreigners involved in accidents as the police usually sides with the party they feel is “poorer”. We’ve worked with our insurance company for over a year to finalize a contract that we felt was acceptable to both parties. The insurance policy we offer to our guests does not require “proof of fault” and therefore will cover you no matter what.

This coverage is guaranteed and is in effect the moment you go on one of our tours and ends once the tour is over. You are insured for any bodily injury that is a direct result of an accident that occurs while riding on our motorbikes. Theft or loss of property is NOT covered.

Even though our travel insurance offers comprehensive health coverage, we still recommend that all travelers to Vietnam buy a good travel insurance policy. Most travel insurance policies will insure you if you are riding pillion (as a passenger).

With “XO Tours Accident Insurance” you are not required to be preapproved for any medical care before you are treated, so it’s a great supplement to other travel insurance policies. In the event of an accident that requires medical care, we will take you to the top emergency clinics/hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City and do our upmost to see that you are offered the best medical care available in Vietnam.

We are proud to say that XO Tours has never been involved in a single accident in the thousands of tours we’ve gone on since the inception of our company, however we understand that as safe as we try to be, we cannot control the actions of other drivers on the road and there eventually may be an unfortunate situation in which one of our guests is injured while on one of our tours. When joining our tours, each guest should understand the risks associated with riding a motorbike in Vietnam.

Disclaimer: Property loss or any preexisting health conditions that might be affected by riding on a motorbike is not covered by XO Tours Accident Insurance. XO Tours Accident Insurance WILL NOT reimburse you for any phones, cameras, video equipment, cash, jewelry or any other personal property that is lost or stolen while on our tours. By booking our tours through our website, by email or by phone you are agreeing to all the terms above.