About XO Tours

Founded in 2010, XO Tours offers visitors to Vietnam the thrilling adventure of exploring the region by motorbike, while sampling culinary delights to which most travelers are rarely exposed.

The aim of our tours is to provide a unique and authentic immersion in to the livesof the local people, while offering our guests the safest way to experience the motorbike culture of Vietnam. On our world famous “XO Foodie Tour” we avoid well known dishessuch as Pho, Banh Mi sandwiches, Spring Rolls, etc, with which Vietnamese food lovers are already familiar, in favor of a myriad of lesser known but remarkably flavorful, local culinary delights. Our “Sights of Saigon” tour offers not only historical background for each famous sight we visit, but perspective gleaned from individuals who personally experienced the events.

At XO Tours all our guides are women, are well versed in English, offer the highest level of customer service, and provide invaluable insight in to daily Vietnamese life. Our amazing female staff, the “XO Girls”, are by far the most important factor in thesuccess of our business! Since 2010 our tours have been featured on ESPN, the Travel Channel, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean television, and have been mentioned in numerous publications worldwide. In 2017 we were voted 1 of the top 9 food tours in the world by Forbes Magazine. Even with all the acclaim we have received in the past 9 years, we have strived to maintain authenticity and a personal touch in our tours, so that our guests feel like they are spending time with friends.

Join us and find out why over 100,000 travelers have chosen XO Tours to providethem with their best memories in Vietnam! XOXO!