About XO Tours

Tung was 1 of only 11 men chosen by The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) to receive the 2015 “World of Difference 100” Award, for his efforts to provide more opportunities for Vietnamese women in tourism.

Hi! My name is Tung,

I am the proud owner and founder of XO Tours!

I was born in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) in 1972, but immigrated with my family to the United States at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. I first returned to Vietnam in early 2002 to visit my many relatives living here, and grew to know and love my native country. In 2009, after a stressful period in my life, I decided to take a year off to do charity work in Vietnam. I spent 2010 participating in various charity projects; I went to Gia Lai and helped build goat pens and hand out clothes and medicine to an ethnic tribe suffering from Leprosy; I went to Vinh Long to help doctors perform check ups on over 800 elderly patients; I joined the Ngan Hac Giay (Thousand Paper Cranes) charity to feed and clothe the homeless in Ho Chi Minh City, and also privately tutored many poor, disabled students throughout Saigon.

As my one year sabbatical was coming to a close, I decided that I wanted to stay longer in this incredibly vibrant country. The thought of starting my own company was an appealing idea. Living in Vietnam you can’t help but be inspired by the hard work and entreprenuerial spirit you see around you daily. People often work from 6am to midnight everday just to earn a few dollars! Vietnam’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world and there are still many opportunities for creative businesses here. As I had worked the previous 10 years as a securities trader, I was used to being my own boss and loved the challenge of starting a new business in Vietnam!

XO Tours is an idea that had been brewing in my mind for a long while. I wanted to create a unique tour company that would combine the fascinating motorbike culture in Vietnam with my admiration for the incredible women in Vietnam! What better way to see Vietnam than on the back of a motorbike? And who better show you around than someone that was born and raised in Vietnam and that understands the customs and culture?

The tourism industry in Vietnam is still in it’s infancy; as you will often find many of the same dull, me-too tours that shuffle you from one site to another on hot, crowded buses by tour guides that seem to be reading from the same script (please read our FAQ to see why we are different!). At XO Tours, not only will we tell you about Vietnam’s history, we will also show you how Vietnamese people live, work, play and eat; help you understand the hopes and dreams of the local people and share and celebrate both the similarities and differences between our cultures. Our goal, is to make you love Vietnam as much as we do!

We hope to see you on one of our tours soon. Until then, XOXO!