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XO Tours Hoi An – Amazing Vietnam Tours Led by Women

As one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Hoi An attracts millions of visitors every year but few get an opportunity to see the real Hoi An, outside of the touristy Ancient Town. Our Hoi An day trips offer one-of-a-kind itineraries that focus on the local people, how they go about their daily lives, and the dishes that they eat every day.

We’re also proud to bring XO Tours’ renown attention to detail and service to Hoi An, and hope that you will find our Hoi An day trips as fun as our famous Ho Chi Minh City Tours, which have been ranked the top tours in Vietnam for over 7 years!

Why book with us?

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Best in class, first world level customer service!

Our itineraries avoid Ancient Town and other touristy areas

Visit and interact with local families in their homes

Highest rated Vietnam Tours on Tripadvisor for the past 7 years!

We know how to have fun!

Our Hoi An Tours

XO Tours drivers taking guests on a Hoi An motorbike tour
8:00am - 12:00pm
$55 USD
Hoi An is frequently accused of being too touristy, with most of Ancient Town being occupied by tailors and souvenir vendors. Many tour operators in Hoi An can also be blamed for this perception by offering itineraries that visit the same attractions and popular food stops. XO Tours’ “Riding with the Nguyens” tour is unique in that we take our guests far away from the touristy central parts of Hoi An...
3:00pm - 6:30pm
$48 USD
We venture far outside Ancient Town on this evening food tour, taking you into the Hoi An countryside and rice fields. The walking route will offer you a chance to talk to fisherman, farmers and craftsmen, and watch the local people as they work in their fields and fishing boats. What we love best about this tour, is that we always meet new people on the walk and see how excited they are to share...